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Posted by Jim Jagielski on Friday, September 8. 2006 in Programming

I've mentioned a few times previously about the Telaen Webmail side project that I work on. It's pretty neat, since, IMO, a small, lightweight Webmail system is more useful than larger more complex ones, especially if it's designed to complement (instead of replace) more "traditional" Email clients. We recently announced a release candidate for version 1.1.1, which adds some features and fixes over 1.1.0. Anyway, I found it curious that the project that Telaen was based on, (Uebimiau, appears to be dead once again. The Forum is down, and has been for quite awhile, and the site itself is little more than an advertisement for a commercial offering for a webmail system that also seems to be based on Uebimiau. This commercial offering is expensive and has a much deeper list of dependencies and requirements than Telaen (and even Uebimiau) which, again IMO, deviates from what makes them worthwhile. Uebimiau was not being actively developed (that's why we "forked" off Telaen in the first place) and so one wonders how active development on this commercial offering will be. I won't even bring up any licensing issues and whether it's using code or patches that were GPL'ed and not providing their updates back to the community... So, long and short, if you're using Uebimiau (or some other webmail system) and are looking for a replacement, look at Telaen.

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