I love local papers

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Friday, December 8. 2006 in Personal

I live in a pretty rural area of Harford Count, Maryland. Even though we get the Baltimore newpaper (The Sun) we also get the local paper as well (The Aegis). The reason is simple: I love small, local, rural newspapers. Where else do you find stories about someone's new tractor, schedules for parades and news articles about kids who finished in the top 5 in a school spelling bee. It's like living on Green Acres. But my favorite section, by far, is Police Blotter. The Police Blotter is a listing of small (1-2 sentence) descriptions of police reports received by the local sheriff's office. Without fail, I find 2-3 reports which make me laugh. For example: A woman in the 2600 block of Claret Drive told police Monday a woman was rearranging her Christmas decorations into something obscene. I bet being the reporter on Police Blotter is a fun job.

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