Back from OSCON

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Saturday, August 6. 2005

I got back from OSCON late yesterday after having flown out there on Wednesday, so it was basically 2 days of flying for 1 day of conference. On the way back, I regretted not being able to have come in earlier or leave later; the show was that good, and it was (as always) great reconnecting with people (one of the disadvantages on being on the east coast). I got a lot of congrats from people on my accepting the CTO position @ Covalent. My session went well, although I was somewhat "stuck" with doing the more dry, bullet-listed type of information in our panel discussion. Brian was able to spend his time focusing on some key points that I was simple able to just touch upon. But I think overall it was good. I also spent quite a bit of time, between attending sessions, meeting with reporters and analysts. But no doubt the coolest was my meeting with Paul Hudson, of Linux Format UK. A great interview (although I had wished we had had more time to chat) plus some pretty funky pictures as well. I had learned later on, after I went back to the hotel and changed, that Paul and Joby (his photographer) wanted some additional snaps, so I pulled on my ApacheCon shirt and headed down to the lobby where Joby snapped several of me talking to a chair, and then we went outside for a few action shots. It was, however, strange talking about *myself* rather than a project, or company, or movement. Anyway, it's nice being back home, even if it is 95degF and humid.

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